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Probably the single largest cause of computer problems today is viruses.  Their effect can range from the receipt of a fairly harmless piece of junk email to ~ wiping most of the files on your PC, or worse, a network of PCs.  You  can be affected in a way which does not even permit you to start up your computer!

All of this can be avoided and managed easily.  How?  Through anti virus & internet security software.  You may think you are protected from malicious viruses and probing Internet intruders when in fact you may not be.

Every time you connect to the Internet, someone out there knows you are connected. Inevitably, an attempt will be made to tap into your computer system.  Hackers may harmlessly probe around in your system, and could even plant viruses.  Email is the other common way of contracting a virus.  TouzTec uses and recommends Symantec/Norton products for anti-virus and internet security protection.  Costs are low.  Having no protection can prove very costly, inconvenient and embarrassing, especially if you run a business.

TouzTec provides training and education along with a thorough installation of Internet security and anti virus software.
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