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There is a growing interest in broadband technology among Internet users as it is an extremely fast means of accessing the Internet, viewing the world wide web and sending & receiving emails.  Although it probably works out a little more expensive than traditional dial-up (using the telephone line and typically a 56K modem), in real terms, it is not that much more costly.  There is a range of benefits (that outweigh any drawbacks) in using broadband for your Internet connection:
~ sending & receiving email is faster
~ downloading large files (eg. photos) from friends & family is faster
~ you quickly realize how slow dial up is once you've moved to broadband
~ you can make voice telephone calls while connected to the Internet
~ you can connect and disconnect as often as you like at no extra cost
~ have fun with web cameras; video chat to long distance friends & family
~ and many other benefits

You will need additional hardware for broadband. Routers, a special modem provided by your Internet service provider (ISP) and some cables (unless you go wireless) usually suffice.  There are some differences you should be aware of especially when it comes to ADSL broadband ~ USB or Ethernet?  Web cameras provide a lot of fun when you have a broadband connection.  Though you can use them with dial-up, you will quickly get frustrated.

Ask TouzTec for more details on learning about broadband, having it set up for you in your home or office, how you can benefit by "going broadband" and enter the faster world of the Internet.