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Computer Services
We can usually fix most problems that occur with the PC or MAC.  These problems could be with hardware or software. We will diagnose the problem and
recommend a solution.  If there is no solution, then there is no charge.

Whether you are using Windows XP, 2000/NT, ME, 98, 95 or even a MAC!, there is always room for, and sometimes a necessity for an upgrade, software or hardware.  TouzTec offers services which ensure that you get the most suitable upgrade for your needs.  Typical upgrades to a computer system include:
~ Operating system eg. Windows 98  
   Mac OS8,9          OSX.
~ Memory or “RAM” eg. 64Mb
       256,128Mb       512Mb
~ Hard Disk Drive eg. 6Gb     
   20Gb, 20Gb         80Gb

Reasons for upgrades might include:
~ system frustratingly too slow.
~ want better performance when running multiple software applications, downloading/uploading files or simply just playing PC games.
~ business database or file system is growing.
~ certain software or hardware will not work unless you do upgrade.

TouzTec can carry out Windows™ and MAC upgrades, or train you to perform this kind of task for yourself.  You can easily learn how to carry out your own software upgrades, or even installing your own hardware, if you dare!