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Computer Services
Ok, you've got yourself a digital camera, but what do you do with those 100s of trigger-happy images you've taken thus far? Here are some other questions asked by TouzTec clients:
~ "How do I get the images onto my PC?"
~ "How do I manipulate the images?"
~ "How do I reduce image sizes so I can send them by email to my friends & family?"
~ "I want to make some of my photos black & white; how do I do that?"
~ "I want to print them; do I do it myself, or take it down to the local photo shop?"
~ "How do I share my images with family and friends. How?"

All of these questions and more can be answered through training, or usually through a visit by TouzTec to your work or home. There's a lot to it, but it's a lot of fun too.