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Computer Services
In reality, there is too much to know about computers & PCs.  Yet there is a perpetual need of many to understand and educate themselves about how computers and their software works for personal and business needs.

TouzTec training is very flexible and understanding towards your ability, your needs and availability.  One session for 2 hours per week is a commonly requested arrangement, and all this can take place in the privacy of your own home, your office or other facility that meets your needs.  Small groups are welcome too.  All levels of learning are catered for, and the friendly, informal approach adopted makes for a fun, yet professional experience for all.  Your training pace may go as slow or as fast you like.  Patience and understanding is one of our virtues.

So if you require training on software, hardware, the basics of computing, anything PC or Mac related, TouzTec  will put together a plan for you.  Flexible plans can be designed in a personally customized and tailored fashion to suit you.