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Computer Services
Most of today's software is pretty straightforward to install.  However, as soon as problems occur, sometimes the software's 'troubleshooting' documentation fails to provide the information you need.  You can spend hours searching on the Internet or asking friends and colleagues if they know the answer, and your efforts to find a solution are often in vain.
Typical installations requested and software issues to be resolved are:
~ anti virus software (eg. Norton Anti Virus or Internet Security), and fixes eg. Blaster worm virus
~ drivers (software) for hardware, eg. external hard disk drives, zip drives, printers, scanners, hand held PCs  (eg. palm pilots, PDAs) and an indefinite number of other software, including:
~ Microsoft (MS) Office products and operating systems eg. XP, 2000
~ MS Windows and Macintosh upgrades and service packs:

TouzTec is frequently asked "What software do I need if I want to ...".  Sometimes you cannot know what software you need for certain tasks or projects.  TouzTec makes a concerted effort to answer such questions. Software installations can be carried out at your home or office.