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Computer Services
A common failing among private and business computer users is that they do not suitably back up important data; such as:
~ Email
~ Word processing documents and files
~ Spreadsheets and financial files eg. MYOB, EXCEL
~ Tax information
~ Music files, photos, images and perhaps even movie files
~ Browser bookmarks & favourites

All too often has TouzTec been asked to come to the rescue when it's too late!  Valuable data has been lost by business or individual users because of their failure to, or lack of understanding in backing up data on a regular basis.  Yet it is so simple to make this a regular event, in a handful of mouse clicks!  TouzTec offers very easy solutions, where an effective back up procedure can be carried out on your own premises.  It's just a matter of a bit of guidance and you're off and away, with that assurance that you can restore backed up information if you ever need to.
Alternatively, you may prefer TouzTec to visit you on a regular basis to do all required backing up for you.  The backup media (usually CDs or digital tape) can be taken off your premises for safekeeping.